Partners in Growth: Investing with operators to build great Canadian farms.

We’ve built the deal we wish we had.

Area One Farms was formed out of a personal desire to create new options for farmers in Canada.


Our Story

The Faulkners have been involved in Canadian agriculture for over 75 years. They own and operate London Dairy Farms, London Dairy Supply, ProRich Seeds, and Sequin Farms.

10 years ago, while expanding their main barn, the family had an opportunity to purchase a neighbouring farm. The problem was that they didn't want to take on any additional bank debt, but also couldn't find any partners to invest with them. Like countless Canadian farmers, the Faulkners passed on what they knew was a great opportunity.

A decade later, siblings Joelle and Benji Faulkner, created Area One Farms so that Canadian farm operators can get the deal the family wished they could have gotten.

Area One Farms now has multiple partnerships with farm operators throughout the Canadian Prairies and Ontario, each of whom has closed on the great opportunities they found. A win-win deal is hard to find, but that is the basis of Area One Farms: helping everyone succeed together.


What we do

Area One Farms bridges the gap between agriculture and equity - helping quality Canadian farmers expand their operations in a stable, committed partnership with investors.

Within each equity partnership, we also help farm partners adopt farm management principles and practices that help raise the effectiveness and efficiency of farming operations, increasing their land productivity and overall profitability.

We currently have farm partnerships in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Each farm is unique, and so we design partnerships as joint ventures to suit and support the financial and operational goals of each operation.

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Our Approach

Agriculture is a singular industry. Each and every farmer is unique, and has to build their business based on a number of factors, including their location, the quality and value of their land, the size of their farm, and the current commodity prices.

Farmers are entrepreneurs that have to be adept in a diverse range of skillsets, biology, logistics, asset management, and marketing. The rewards for farming can be great, but the business requires long hours, the wearing of many hats, passion, and a high tolerance for risk.

We believe that farmers need to be owners: they need to be invested in the success of their business. Agriculture is only truly worth it when you are involved in the long-term, intergenerational success of the farm.

We understand farming, because we are farmers ourselves. Our strength as a company is our deep understanding of the fundamentals in agriculture: we understand the potential, we know how to see value, we understand production and management issues, and we know the risks.

We also know finance. We understand equity and investment, and we know value and we know opportunity.

Agriculture is full of opportunity, and there are countless ways to build profitable operations in Ag - but it all starts with access to engaged capital and the right partners.

Area One is built to connect the worlds of agriculture and finance in Canada to invest in farms that are well-suited to profit and grow for generations to come.