Partners in Growth: Investing with operators to build great Canadian farms.
Partners in Growth


We have been in your shoes and designed the deal we wished we had.

The Faulkners have been involved in Canadian agriculture for over 75 years. They own and operate London Dairy Farms, London Dairy Supply, ProRich Seeds, and Sequin Farms. 

10 years ago, while expanding their main barn, the family had an opportunity to purchase a neighbouring farm. The problem was that they didn’t want to take on any additional bank debt, but also couldn’t find any partners to invest with them. Like countless Canadian farmers, the Faulkners passed on what they knew was a great opportunity. 

A decade later, siblings Joelle and Benji Faulkner, created Area One Farms so that Canadian farm operators can get the deal the family wished they could have gotten.


Area One Farms is the only Canadian agricultural investment group with a model based on real equity partnerships. We bring committed investors and farmers together to:


Expand Farmland to quickly grow a larger asset base


Conduct land improvements to maximize productivity and add value


Purchase additional equipment

Piggy Bank

Manage the farm expenses associated with farming


Our partners are visionary farm operators.

Here’s what they have to say about partnering with Area One Farms.