Expansion capital that doesn’t put your farm at risk

Here’s what they have to say about partnering with Area One.

What we do

Area One Farms bridges the gap between agriculture and equity – helping quality Canadian farmers expand their operations in a stable, committed partnership with investors.

Profitability and capital appreciation that is created by the partnership is shared equitably by the farmer and investors. It’s win/win, and a unique Canadian model.

We invest with farmers to:

Acquire land, machinery, and related business to achieve critical scale
  • Whether the need is to grow to appropriate scale or to meet inter-generational transfer goals, a partnership with Area One can make it happen. Area One is a true partner who provides capital to enable growth and maintains land base control with the farmer.
  • Provide capital that enables partners to grow their associated businesses like seed cleaning plants, land clearing companies, etc.

Improve land to maximize productivity, add value, and sustain assets
  • Area One supports land conversion initiatives (brush to arable, dry to irrigated) that lenders are generally opposed to financing.
  • Managing the health and productivity of land creates a financial win for farmers and investors, and ensures that the farm is protecting its key asset for long-term sustainability.

Manage for profitability

As an Area One partner, you join a network of farm partners, suppliers and vendors, and agricultural researchers; all to help boost farm profitability.

We seek visionary operators who may:

  • Want to accommodate the return of multiple children
  • Want to achieve critical scale or buy out landlords
  • Bring expertise – sustainable farming practices, crop marketing, etc.
  • See opportunity – innovative farmers who recognize the potential to create value with land conversion and improvement, specialty crops, seed cleaning, on-farm processing, and other farm related businesses.

Making the partnership work

The cornerstone of Area One’s investment is partnership. We deploy equity to expand agricultural operations and build long-term value. Together with farm operators, we help build and scale over the long-term.

Area One provides capital and takes an integrated approach to growth.

The Area One Difference

Many Canadian farmers need to expand to ensure profitability, but there is a lack of access to long-term capital that comes without significant risk.

Renting land exposes farms to real estate market fluctuations and keeps farmers from being able to plan for the long-term. For a large capital acquisition, bank interest payments put a heavy burden on operations. On the other hand, ownership groups corporatize the farm operation and turn farmers from owners into managers. Area One aims to give farmers a third alternative: an equity partner.

Since inception, Area One has proven our approach and our value as a partner:
  • We are a leader in environmental, social, and governance (ESG); and
  • We have a solid reputation among farmers and their communities.

Area One is Canada’s only trusted agricultural equity partner.

For More Information

Contact Mason: | 416-583-5873