Partners in Growth: Investing with operators to build great Canadian farms.

Creating a new model for farm expansion in Canada.

Area One Farms builds equity partnerships across Canada that enable farm operators to expand without the burden of fees, rent, or interest payments.


Many farms across Canada need to expand to ensure profitability.

The problem that has plagued farmers for decades is access to capital that won’t put the future of the farm at risk.

Renting land exposes farms to real estate market fluctuations and keeps farmers from being able to plan long term. For a large capital acquisition, bank interest payments put too heavy a burden on operations. On the other hand, ownership groups corporatize the farm operation, and turn farmers from owners into managers. Frankly, none of these options are in the farmer’s best interest.


A new model

Area One Farms is the only Canadian agricultural investment group with a model based on real partnership.

We bring committed investors and farmers together to invest in undervalued land and grow farms in a way that keeps the farmer in an owner position.


We invest with our partners to:


Expand farmland to quickly grow a larger asset base

The size of a farming operation is directly connected to it’s ability to run profitably. Smaller farms often times do not create profit - rather they maintain debt and bank on land appreciation for equity.

We offer farmers the ability enter a partnership that increases the capital assets to bring annual profitability and financial stability to their operations.


Conduct land improvements to maximize productivity and add value

Managing the health and productivity of land is more than a financial win. It ensures the farm is protecting its key asset for long-term sustainability.


Purchase additional equipment

Apart from land costs, managing equipment costs can make or break an operation. We help farmers negotiate and manage equipment acquisitions to stabilize annual operating costs.


Manage the farm expenses associated with farming.

We help farmers manage, maximize and and pay for ongoing farm operating expenses - everything from labour to input expenses.


Making the partnership work

A key component in the Area One model is the facilitation of the partner relationships. Through our partnership model we help ensure that investment and operations are on the same page and working towards a common goal. Together with farm operators, we build and invest in both a strong long-term vision, as well as a strong framework for ongoing management.

This is what makes the Area One model so unique: it’s not just capital. It’s an integrated approach to growth.