Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

Area One is an industry leader in ESG and recognized as an impact investment. We are a signatory to the UN PRI and supporter of the TCFD.


Area One Farms is an industry leader in ESG and is recognized as an impact investment. Our investment thesis centers around partnering with local farmers. As a result, Area One directly benefits the communities in which we operate (i.e. creating jobs and paying taxes), and of further significance, we keep decision-making local which leads to stronger environmental and social outcomes. In addition, Area One focuses on regenerative agriculture as a means to improve soil health across our operations. We employ no-till farming, and the vast majority of our acres are rain-fed. Area One supports our farmers collective missions to feed the world.

Area One Farms is a women-owned and women-led fund. Our diversity is strong with half of our full-time staff being women and half being other visible minorities. We employ a culture of compliance, local and ethical decision-making, and good governance combined with transparent financial communication and thought leadership on the issues affecting our partners.

Area One’s recognition as an impact investment stems from our approach of keeping farmland in the hands of Canadian farmers. Area One is not a rental / landlord model, its thesis is to own land in partnership with farmers and give them first-right to buy out Area One at the end of the term. This makes Area One an asset to Canada’s agricultural community.

Further, Area One participates in land reclamation – reclaiming land that was once farmed but then abandoned and bringing it back into production. We make investments to improve the productivity of our land.

Finally, Area One is a signatory of the UN Principals of Responsible Investing and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. The firm and its operations align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically as follows:

  • No Poverty – As primary producers we are growing food to feed the world;
  • Zero Hunger – We grow and harvest crops that are sold at market price and exported globally to ensure food security for the growing population;
  • Good Health and Well Being – We producing basic grains and beans, which plays an important role for achieving healthy balanced diets;
  • Responsible Consumption and Production – We follow Canada’s strict health guidelines related to allowable pesticides, herbicides, etc., and continue to research and implement regenerative farming practices; and
  • Life on Land – Through revegetating land, we increase plant biodiversity and provide additional food sources for animals in the winter.