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The Future of Family Farms: Canada’s Opportunity for Growth

Canadian farms are fundamental to our nation’s economy, prosperity, and independence. There are an estimated 190,000 farms in Canada. They employ over 250,000 people in rural communities and support an agri-food system that employs over two million people, or one in nine Canadians. The agri-food system generates around 7% of Canadian GDP ($140 billion). Most farm produce is exported: Canada dominates global wheat, canola, mustard, flaxseed, lentils, peas, and maple product markets. Agriculture and food product exports amount to $90 billion a year, supporting our trade balance with the rest of the world and the strength of our currency. Canadian farms also supply the food we eat. Farmers promote environmental sustainability as they are stewards of biodiverse ecosystems, home to thousands of species.

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Investment model offers opportunity for farm expansion

“I ended up with this idea of a true partnership that injects capital into the farm to enable growth while maintaining the land base control with the farmer,” Faulkner says. “The farmer still owns the portion of land he or she can afford, and any profit and capital appreciation that is created by the partnership is shared equitably by the farmer and the investor.”

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Having trouble finding cash to grow the family farm? Area One Farms may be able to help

“The challenge is the cost for that next generation to get into the business, especially if their parents are still farming,” Holt said. Farmers tend to be asset rich, but cash poor, which poses a challenge because of the upfront investment, including the cost of land and equipment, associated with expanding today’s multi-million dollar farms, he added.

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