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Follow our progress as we change agricultural equity partnerships across Canada.

Investment model offers opportunity for farm expansion

“I ended up with this idea of a true partnership that injects capital into the farm to enable growth while maintaining the land base control with the farmer,” Faulkner says. “The farmer still owns the portion of land he or she can afford, and any profit and capital appreciation that is created by the partnership is shared equitably by the farmer and the investor.”

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“Want to expand your farm for the next generation? Want to buy out some of your landlords? Want to work your way out of a difficult financial situation? A Canadian company called Area One Farms partners with producers to meet these sorts of objectives.”

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Joelle Faulkner, Founder and CEO presented at the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s Virtual Annual General Meeting last week, where she discussed Area One’s equity models for farm expansion in Canada.

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Joelle Faulkner, Founder and CEO sat down with the Growing The Future Podcast to talk about investing in, and supporting successful Canadian farms, and how the Area One Partnership model helps farmers scale and improve their operations sustainably.

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Having trouble finding cash to grow the family farm? Area One Farms may be able to help

“The challenge is the cost for that next generation to get into the business, especially if their parents are still farming,” Holt said. Farmers tend to be asset rich, but cash poor, which poses a challenge because of the upfront investment, including the cost of land and equipment, associated with expanding today’s multi-million dollar farms, he added.

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Why Canada cultivates a great low correlation asset class

Advisors seeking an asset class with low correlation to the market need to look no further than one of Canada’s greatest assets – it’s land. Joelle Faulkner, CEO of Area One Farms, provides financing, private equity and growth capital to  the farming community.

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Area One Farms invests alongside farmers to help them expand, build sustainable operations

 “With Joelle, we work as a partnership,” said Mr. Cole, whose farm comprises 8,000 acres of grain production plus pasture for cattle. “It works very well because we understand each other, we know which side each of us is good at and we can make it work to make us both better.”

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Helping Canadian farm families scale up

 Joelle Faulkner, founder and CEO of Area One Farms joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss how her business is working to help Canadian farm families grow. She is also one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 honourees.

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Joelle Faulkner – Canada’s Top 40 Under 40

 Of course, innovation extends beyond technology. Joelle Faulkner is founder and CEO of Area One Farms Ltd., which provides financing, private equity and growth capital to the farming community. “Many of these businesses are asset-rick because farms have been in families for generations,” says Hughes. “What she’s doing uniquely to help finance transitions and expansions and how she supported farmers through the pandemic to help keep grocery stores open and food on the table is an example of the innovative spirit of Top 40 honourees.”    

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