Need capital to expand<br>your farm?

Join a growing number of farmers across Canada build a sustainable path of growth for their family farm.

Area One Farms has a better model of expanding quality farms to scale.

Banks will loan you the money but will take levels of security that will leave you sleepless. Other companies will let you source land for them and rent it to you – forever closing your path to ownership.

Our partner in Alberta operating 5,000 acres with Area One Farms.

We partner with top quality farmers and top quality investors to acquire the land necessary to expand with equity partnership not debt.

Our model gives both farmers and investors what they want. Farmers get immediate scale and a steady path to owning the land, and investors get a steady share of the land value increase during the partnership. It creates more value for both parties.

It’s a win-win way to farm growth for top quality farmers. Are you one?


Phone us at 403-775-0536, or use the form below to contact us and see if the Area One model is right for you.