$450 million of committed and invested capital.

Diversified income from land appreciation, conversion work, farming, and associated businesses.

Why Area One?

  • We are the only firm in Canada investing in farmland through a partnership with farmers. Our unique and sustainable model, which is based on true equity-based partnership with farmers, creates alignment between investors and farmers. We therefore build rural communities and keep wealth in those communities, which is critical to a thriving rural Canada.
  • We are the only Canadian investor bringing farmland back into production. Our team manages the largest land improvement company in Canada, so that we can rehabilitate farmland and ensure that as climate change makes the world food insecure, Canada can keep supplying food to those countries that need it.
  • We are a leader in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices within Canadian agriculture. Many others have rules that require environmental standards, but that is not the same with social or governance. We have worked with Canadian farmers, local and provincial governments to ensure that our investment is making a positive impact.

Why Agriculture?

  • Farmland has had a low correlation with other asset classes: profitability changes resulting from the increase in physical crop yields and the addition of higher-value crops keep farmland drivers distinct from that of real estate, infrastructure, and private equity at large.
  • The market value of farmland has historically correlated with inflation.
  • Increasing populations coupled with rising incomes are driving global demand for food and feedstock.

Why Canada?

  • Canada has a stable history of farmland appreciation. Canadian farmers overwhelmingly own and operate their farms, and the sector has limited investment from non-farmers.
  • Canada’s high land appreciation that has occurred over the last 70 years is driven by factors that are likely to continue: physical yield increases and planting more profitable crops.
  • See Farm Credit Canada Farmland Values Report, for historical farmland appreciation values HERE
  • Farmland will appreciate in countries with stable rule of law and available water – Canada has an abundance of land fitting this profile.
  • Canada is benefitting from longer growing seasons, as a result of climate change, that can support higher value crops. Investment in Canadian farmland, and the rehabilitation of that land to bring it back to high productivity is critical in feeding the world.

Opportunity to Invest

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