$ 450 million of committed and invested capital

150 institutional and high net worth individuals.

Diversified income from land appreciation, conversion work, farming, and associated businesses.

Why Area One?

  • Only firm in Canada investing in farmland, in partnership with operators.
  • Only Canadian investor bringing farmland into production, managing and operating the largest farmland clearing company in Canada.
  • The leader in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in the Canadian agricultural industry.
  • A unique model, based on true partnership with farmers, that creates alignment between investors and operators (farmers).

Why Agriculture?

  • Farmland has had a low correlation with other asset classes: profitability changes resulting from the increase in physical crop yields and the addition of higher-value crops keep farmland drivers distinct from that of real estate, infrastructure, and private equity at large.
  • The market value of farmland has historically correlated with inflation.
  • Increasing populations coupled with rising incomes are driving global demand for food and feedstock.

Why Canada?

  • Canada has a stable history of farmland appreciation. Canadian farmers overwhelmingly own and operate their farms, and the sector has limited investment from non-farmers.
  • Canada’s 7.4% p.a. land appreciation that has occurred over the last 70 years is driven by factors that are likely to continue: physical yield increases and planting more profitable crops.
  • See Farm Credit Canada Farmland Values Report, for historical farmland appreciation values // HERE //
  • Farmland will appreciate in countries with stable rule of law and available water – Canada has an abundance of land fitting this profile.
  • Canada is benefitting from longer growing seasons, as a result of climate change, that can support higher value crops.

Opportunity to Invest

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