These Canadian women are leading the most promising businesses

As you may have been aware, our founder and president, Joelle Faulkner, was among five Canadian women welcomed into the Winning Women class of 2018 as presented by EY.

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program not only classifies female entrepreneurs who have shown great potential to scale, but works to further their growth and assists them in making these steps.

“I’ve seen firsthand how valuable this program is to opening doors to women who are already on their way, and helping them find the capital, resources and mentors to propel them further”, shares Tiki Cheung, EY Partner and Canadian EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program leader.

This photograph was taken at the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National gala on Wednesday, November 28. From left to right: Elyssa, Heather Payne from HackerYou College of Technology, Lauren Haw & Alyssa Furtado from Ratehub Inc., Joelle Faulkner and Tiki Cheung, the program leader.

“I’m honoured to be chosen for the Entrepreneurial Winning Women North America Class of 2018,” says Joelle Faulkner. “The program has produced and fostered some incredible female entrepreneurs and leaders, and I am really looking forward to taking what I learn alongside these accomplished women back to better support Canada’s farmers.”

Read more about the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women here.

A copy of the press release is available here: Area One Farms’ Press Release.

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